Join Us as an Adult

Adults in Guiding give back to the community and inspire girls and young women to be their best.  Whether it’s a long term commitment or a short term project, there are opportunities to suit you.  Any woman 18 years and older who is prepared to make the Guide Promise can be an adult member. 

  • Women can become Leaders and work with girls and young women.  
  • Those aged 18-30 can join the Olave Program to extend themselves within Guiding. 
  • Trefoil Guild members enjoy fun and fellowship while building support for Guiding.
  • Adult Volunteer involvement is invaluable – there are casual opportunities to help with fundraising and events, support Leaders with weekly unit activities or consider more regular and ongoing volunteer opportunities. Click here for more information on volunteering at Girl Guides Tasmania.

An Information Kit for All Volunteers is COMING SOON.



With loads of specialised roles within the Girl Guides Tasmania organisation, there is a perfect role for everyone.
Check out the Positions and Opportunities page for more information. 

Leadership Roles

  Unit Leader

Unit Leaders implement the Australian Guide Program in a Guide Unit.  They help the girls to plan creative, fun-filled programs that reflect the principles of Guiding.  They develop leadership skills through becoming qualified Leaders in the Australian Learning and Qualification Program. 

  Assistant Unit Leader
  Assistant Unit Leaders are adult members who have made the Guide Promise.  They assist the Unit Leaders in various ways and work with the girls.  They develop leadership skills through completing some modules in the Australian Learning and Qualification Program. 
  Unit Helper
  Unit helpers assist the Unit Leader at Unit meetings and activities in a part time capacity and work with the girls. 
  Resource Leader
  A Resource Leader may share specialised skills with girls or adults or provide support for other Leaders.  They may take on this role because they have expertise in a particular area, such as arts or leadership development skills, or because they are not able to make a regular commitment to a Unit. They can hold a qualification as a Resource Leader in the Australian Learning and Qualification Program. 
   Outdoor Leader
   Outdoor Leaders work to support a Unit, District or Region in accessing Outdoor Activities. The Outdoor Leader has specialised outdoor skills in one or more areas such as camping, water activities, or bushcraft. 
  District Manager
  District Managers lead a team of Unit Leaders and support personnel to promote Guiding in their local community.  They also encourage cooperation between the Unit Leaders, Units and Support Groups in the District. 
  Region Manager
  Region Managers head teams of Leaders in a larger area and provide the link between them and the State organisation.


The Australian Learning and Qualification Program is a national program, providing training for leadership roles. The Leadership Qualification for Unit Leaders and Assistant Unit Leaders focuses on the skills needed to manage a Guide Unit and deliver the Australian Guide Program. It takes approximately 6 months to complete and includes reading, attendance at training and activities to complete while working with the Guides. 


All Girl Guides Tasmanian Adult Members require a National Police Certificate Check by Tasmanian Police, which is a State Government requirement for people who work or volunteer with children. Volunteers will also be required to hold current Working With Vulnerable People Registration.
Girl Guides Tasmania can provide assistance with the National Police Certificate Check applications and payment of the lodgement fee. 


If you would like to know more about becoming a Guide Leader complete the online enquiry form or phone(03) 6244 4408.