Olave Serve, Support and Succeed

Membership to the 'Olaves' is open to young women aged 18 to 30.

Olave Program

Opportunities open to Olave members include: leadership, volunteer projects, outdoor activities, gaining skills for life, having time out with other young women and connecting with Guiding and the wider community.

The Olave Program is flexible to suit the needs of its members and is governed entirely by members.  Olaves form self-governed peer groups who plan, implement and enjoy activities which suit their needs.  Alternatively, members can participate and represent Guiding and young women as an individual in local, State or National events.

The Olave Program encourages members to:  

  • Show commitment to Guiding through the Promise and Law. 
  • Support Community through voluntary service to Guiding and the wider world.
  • Celebrate and develop a deeper understanding of Guiding through Heritage and Traditions.
  • Foster cultural acceptance and strengthen global links through experiencing International Guiding.
  • Support, encourage and learn through Social Networks.
  • Grow as individuals through pursuing opportunities for Self Development. 

Olave Program Flyer​

Olave Awards and Opportunities

Olaves challenge themselves under the Olave Program Framework and can choose to complete awards under the Olave Award Structure. The peak achievement award is the Olave Baden-Powell Award. This award challenges members in six key areas: personal, practical, physical, social, service and further development. 

If you would like to know more about joining the Olaves and the Olave Program please contact [email protected]  / 1300 GIRL GUIDES (1300 447 548) or submit an enquiry form