Archival Donations

Girl Guides Tasmania welcomes the donation of items related to the history of the organisation.  The aim of the collection is to provide a history of the movement in Tasmania encompassing:
  • Adult and girl uniforms, badges, event scarves
  • Publications
  • Pictorial and written information pertaining to branches/sections/programs, events, activities, trainings, state meetings
  • Units current and past
  • State owned campsites, state owned headquarters and guide huts/halls 

Items will be collected provided they:

  • Can be given proper care
  • Sufficient storage/display space is available
  • Are appropriate for the collection
  • Are in fair to good condition for retaining
  • Are of significant historical value and should not be destroyed

Collected items may fall into three categories:
1. Historical record only
2. Reference copy
3. Display copy available for borrowing


  • Accepted items will be catalogued: recording date received, donor, historical time and place, physical condition, storage location and category.  The donor is acknowledged and advised of this information.
  • Unacceptable items will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense or dispensed with appropriately at the sender request.

  • How to donate

    To donate items forward them to the Girl Guides Tasmania Archive Committee.  Any information about the person donating the article or items is appreciated, please include contact details of the donor if possible.

    For more information on the Girl Guides Tasmania Archive Collection or about donating, contact Guide House [email protected] and we will pass your information on to the State Archives team.