Policy + Procedures

Girl Guides Tasmania Board are currently reviewing all State based policies, as policy is approved by the Board it will be uploaded.

Governance Terms of Reference November 2020

Girl Guides Tasmania Policy

Allowances for the State Commissioner and Deputy State Commissioner Policy  December 2020
Application of donations received policy
 August 2017
Appointment of a patron policy May 2021
Appointment of Volunteers to State roles policy July 2012
Attending Scout or Guide Scout activities policy June 2013
Auditor appointment policy  September 2020
Board minute access policy  November 2020
Consolidated Property policy  April 2021
Care and use of State boating equipment policy July 2012
Closing a sub-entity policy May 2021
Complaints (Formal) and Right of Appeal policy   November 2020
Contingent Leader procedure May 2021
Credit and Debt management Policy  October 2021
Description of bequests and special funds November 2011
Electronic Signature Policy July 2020
Financial Decisions Policies, Procedures and Delegations October 2020
Financial assistance for International travelers policy November 2011
Fraud Policy December 2020
Groups travelling Interstate or Internationally policy March 2021
Information Technology Policy March 2020
National events administration fee policy July 2012
Online privacy policy July 2013
Opening a new sub-entity policy  May 2021
Organising State events and activities policy March 2021
Patrol activities away from Unit meeting policy October 2013
Placing a unit in recess policy June 2013
Proforma Letter:  Duty of care arrival or departure August 2011
Responding to an emergency policy  November 2020
Significant events of members policy June 2021
Special guest at State events policy March 2021
Social Media Policy (supplement to GGA policy)  November 2017 Summary 
State Commissioner appointment policy June 2021
State events checklist March 2021
State events finance policy  September 2021
Sub-entities and bank account policy April 2016 
Sub-entities bookkeeping and audit policy
State Outdoor Equipment Care and Use Policy and Procedure October 2020
Timeframe for a Leaders duty of care policy    August 2011
Travel allowance to State meetings policy  December 2020
Use of funds policy November 2011
Volunteer assistance program policy  October 2020
Volunteer induction as a Region or District Manager policy July 2012
Volunteer induction to the Board and State Guiding policy July 2012

Girl Guides Tasmania Procedures

Lost children procedure May 2014
Supporting information for screening of Staff and Volunteers December 2004

Girl Guides Australia Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy
National ratio policy for International Girl Guide travel
GGA Risk Management policy November 2016  Guidelines - Risk
Social media policy
Supervision ratio policy
Transport policy
Special Purpose Funds policy