What We Do

Guides usually meet in a local hall or community centre, once a week during the school term for 1-2 hours, depending on the ages of the girls in the Unit.  Units are structured so girls are with their own age group. 

Guides plan their activities with help from their Leaders when they need it and according to their experience and ability, so their activities vary from week to week.  Guides can do anything – from helping to run community events to learning new skills which could include surfing, juggling and how to save a life!  Guides may also choose to work for Challenge badges and Peak Achievement awards in many skill and interest areas - for example, computers, crafts, camping and other outdoor and adventurous activities. 

Guides also have opportunities to participate in activities outside the Unit meeting such as camps, special events, outings and day trips.

For girls who are unable to attend to regular meetings Lone Guides offers an alternative Guiding opportunity.

If you would like to know more about joining or volunteering with Guides complete the online enquiry form or phone (03) 6244 4408.