Girl Guides Tasmania Public Liability Certificate 2017 - 2018

GGA Forms

All National forms that commence with ADM are located on the Guide Lines for Girl Guides website.  This will allow for better version control of forms and documents. 

GGT Forms


TADM.01 Youth Registration form   completion by parents/guardians to apply to become a member of Girl Guides Tasmania
TADM.02 Change to Member Details form   use to inform Guide House of any changes to your personal contact details
TADM.03 Youth Health Information form   complete to give the Unit Leader a better awareness of a member's state of health
TADM.27 Talent Release form   to be completed for one off media events to authorise the use of personal images on various platforms

TADM.15 Adult Registration form   completion by adult applying to become members of Girl Guides Tasmania
TADM.16 National Police Check   completion by all adult members who are signatories on sub-entity bank accounts

Working with Vulnerable People Checks are compulsory for all adult members of Girl Guides Tasmania.  To register please go to the Department of Justice and send through the confirmation of application to Guide House. Once you have received your Working with Vulnerable People card send a copy to Guide House.
TADM.38 Volunteer Non-member registration  to be completed by adult helpers and forwarded to Guide House

TADM.04 Alteration to Office Bearers form   to advise Guide House of Office Bearer changes
TADM.09 Code of Conduct Non-members form   to be completed by all non-members wishing to participate in one-off Guide events
TADM.12 Notification of Leave of Absence form   please complete and return to Guide House 
TADM.20 Notification of Resignation form   please complete when a person resigns from a position
TADM.22 State Council Nomination form  to be completed and sent to Guide House 8 weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting
TADM.28 Nomination form Consultative and Appeals Committee   used to nominate to become a member of the Consultative and Appeals Committee 
TADM.29 Nomination form State Commissioner   use to nominate a member to become the State Commissioner
TADM.30 Notification of Transfer of Volunteer to another Unit, District or Region form  please complete when transferring within the State
TADM.39 GGA Director Application form  use to nominate as the GGA Board Director for Tasmania
TADM.40 Complaints (Formal) and Right of Appeal form   to be completed and lodged should a formal complaint wish to be made

TADM.06 Account Checklist   to be used by all sub-entities to supply an annual financial summary to Guide House
TADM.31 Claim for Reimbursement form  to be used by members who are requesting reimbursement for Guiding expenses

TADM.33 Building Safety Checklist   all hall/properties are to complete annually and submit Guide House
TADM.37 Contractor Safety Management form   to be completed by contractors prior to working on Guide properties

TADM.07 Access to Guide House form   for Managers who wish to facilitate meetings at Guide House after hours
TADM.52 Website Event upload form   to be completed and sent to Guide House for an event to be loaded and activated
TADM.53 Event Reporting template   for Leaders in Charge of events for reporting to State Guiding

Program Forms
TP.01 JBP and BP Award Record    to be completed by Leaders and submitted to Guide House for approval by the State Program Manager prior to certificates or badges being purchased or presented
TP.2 JBP and BP Award Summary Checklist      to assist Leaders to ensure all requirements of the Awards have been met
TP.06. Notification of Unit Outing or Activity    to be completed when Units are not at their usual guide meeting venue
TP.09 Queen's Guide and Focus Action Plan   for use by Youth members to register their intent to commence work on the Queen's Guide Award and/or Focus Certifciates
TP.10 Queen's Guide and Focus Registration   for use by member's registering for the Queen's Guide Award
TP.11 Achieve -A-Challenge Assessment   to record the assessment of Achieve-A-Challenge badges

Training Forms
TTR07. Attendance Record    use to record attendees of an event or training with form sent to Guide House for database updating
TTR.08 Training Evaluation    used by participants of a training to provide feedback to the State Training team

Olave Forms

TOP.01 Olave Program Peer Group Registration   to be completed and sent to the State Olave Program Manager
TOP.02 Registration of Additional members to an Olave Peer Group   to be completed and sent to Guide House for inclusion on the database

Risk Management Proformas

Risk Assessment MASTER  to be completed for all Outdoor Activities, Events and Camps for approval from the State Outdoor Manager prior to camp March 2017
Risk Assessment Proformas  for Nindethana Campsite , Orana Campsite   and Rivers Edge a prefilled document to be used as a base template at regularly approved Girl Guides Tasmania campsites which is to be completed for all Oudoor Activities, Events and Camps for approval from the State Outdoor Manager prior to camp March 2017